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14. Is there any reason that I *need* to change out of my current software?


Possibly. There is one particular tune revision available from Ford for only a short time that killed FICM's and did so in short order. This software used an aggressive heat induction (think short circuit) out to all eight injectors at the same time to warm up the motor oil in each of the fuel injector heads when the key is turned to the 'on' position as part of the starting process.

The trouble is, much like your toaster, this pulls a tremendous amount of current - current that your module is just not rated to handle. The software is known as a 'FICM killer' for a reason! If you don't elect an aftermarket tune at the time of your order and we discover that you have one of these software revisions on your module, we'll reach out to you to discuss the benefits of moving to alternate software revisions.

The problematic FICM software is: ARZ2AL00 (2003-2004), ARZ2AL00 (04.5), and ARZ2AL01 (05 on up).

The 'latest' Ford software revisions (ARZ2AH10, ARZ2AL10, and ARZ2AL11) have a more 'mild' induction strategy, but these result in significant power losses. Most that have the 'latest' versions still love their 6.0's, but complain of horrible turbo lag (off the line performance), poor throttle response just generally, and poor fuel economy.

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