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My F250 is a beast and there are 3 things that have added years to my life: my wife, my IPhone and Ed's tuned FICM. What are you waiting for?

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16. What if my FICM isn't repairable?


In some very, VERY rare cases, units are not able to be repaired (generally as a result of having boards badly burnt following the catastrophic failure of one or more electronic components). If this is the case, we can set you up with a board to replace the one that is damaged beyond repair or even set you up with a completely different module if both boards are beyond help. Note that an additional charge of between $100 to $350 will have to be assessed in these rare cases as the repair does not include the cost of replacement boards.

Further note that if what is wrong with your module is entirely within a non-rebuildable logic board (again, a quite rare event as we work on logic boards and not just power boards), that the diagnostic fee will continue to apply unless you elect to have a preemptive repair performed on your module as offered natively through our Premium and Ultra services.  

Feel free to send an email to with any questions or concerns. THANK YOU!

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