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23. What if something goes wrong?


We understand the importance of your truck to you and your family and also understand that sometimes, although we work really hard to avoid it, electronics failures can and do occur. Though we agonize over these very, very few circumstances, we stand behind our work and will correct the failure either by repair or replacement as necessary.

The warranty covers your part from failure and damage caused by our work. Damage caused by an electrical short external to the module, flood, collision, and running with inadequate supply side voltage due to a lack of battery and/or alternator health do not fall under the warranty. If a question remains over the cause of the damage following our inspection, we will accept responsibility and warranty the module. In most cases, we are able to determine the cause of the failure for you. Should something with your truck be the cause, we will consult with you on how to prevent it from occurring in the future. Note that if something should happen with your FICM, call us first. Like all automotive part warranties, we do not accept responsibility for anything other than the part itself (towing, shop charges, downtime, other vehicle components, etc).

Warranted modules will first need to be sent into us for diagnosis and then be returned to you via USPS Priority Mail at our expense. Of course, Express Mail return shipping is also available, but at our current shipping rates.  Please be aware that if a module upon return to us is found to not be the issue, that diagnostic fees will need to be assessed.

If a customer cannot be without their truck and needs a replacement module sent to them proactively to limit or eliminate their downtime, we can certainly fulfill this request.  Note, though, that in order for us to do this that we would first need to charge for the replacement module as if you are a new customer and then look to refund you the applicable amount upon the receipt and inspection of your potentially damaged module.  This option, while more convenient for most, though, does carry the risk of the module not being the cause of a customer's issue.  If a replacement module is sent and the issue persists, you will very sadly now own that replacement module without the possibility of a refund on the module you sent in.  While we can appreciate how this could seem heavy-handed, please understand that while a module in this circumstance is working just fine it is not freshly rebuilt and therefore not sellable by us without benefitting from the rebuild process.  If there is any way to have us first look at your module without having us send you a replacement proactively, that is the safer alternative even though it comes at the expense of dreaded downtime.

Ultimately, we are in business to help people stay on the road, not to leave them holding the bag.

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