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185 Amp Series Alternator for 6.0L


We stock alternators for Ford trucks, but have access to numerous other alternator options for the various makes and models out there.  If you have a specialty need, please Contact Us! 

185 Amp OEM for FORD Powerstroke 6.0L.

This alternator puts out at idle what the factory 110 amp unit does at its peak! Also a bonus is that this is the largest alternator you can get without just HAVING to augment your factory wiring!!

Alternator failures cause FICM failures due to low voltage from the lack of alternator power that comes from the Ford factory.  DC Power’s units exceed the expectations of Powerstroke 6.0 owners by proudly using brand new OEM Delco Remy alternator components such as the Stator, Rotor, Rectifier and Regulator to give our customers piece of mind due to the inferior Motorcraft 6G alternator design that simply does not hold up to DC Power strict standards. DC Power decided to use their own proprietary casing to create a direct fitment without any modifications needed and provide you with an adapter harness to plug right into your factory alternator harness to be hassle free. Because DC Power sources all OEM parts directly from the source, all of their products come with a 2-year warranty. If for any reason your alternator ever needs service, they offer free lifetime labor on all units; simply pay for the parts and they will take care of it. 


Hot idle output: 100 amps

Cold idle output: 120 amps (to better offset the 230 amp glow plug draw)  Want more?

Max output: 185 amps

Hot max output: 150 amps


Do you want more idle output or just live in a colder climate?  The 190HD is in stock and puts out 20 more amps (!) at both hot and cold idle to better offset the load from the glow plugs running longer in colder weather.  More load offset results in a longer life for your high-dollar batteries.

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