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4. Do you provide a 58 volt or other voltage modification?


4. Do you provide a 58 volt or other voltage modification?



There are other FICM repair options that talk about the benefits of moving to a higher voltage on your FICM. In fact, following consumer demand, we used to offer these voltage increases as well but stopped over four years ago.  What we've learned over time is that it is just a bad idea. These modules get hot enough as a result of sitting atop the engine - stressing them further by adding additional heat is just not a recipe for success.  Regardless, you can get the same if not better results by opting for an aftermarket software tune.

The fuel injectors for your 6.0 are built to live in a world of provided voltage in the 45-50 volt range.  Asking them to see more voltage than that isn't a great idea and could result in shortened injector life.

Further, though we've seen just a few FICM failures post-voltage mod, a few is a few too many. While the failures are largely related to the extra heat generated inside the module, the failure result is often catastrophic.  The heat just doesn't have a place to go in the sealed design of the FICM. 

Unlike conventional FICM failure mode where the module provides warnings over weeks through hard to start and poor fuel economy symptoms, voltage modified modules typically fail without warning at all.  You are driving down the road and then you are coasting to the side of the road wondering what that burning smell is.  That smell is quite sadly money going down the toilet.

In addition and somewhat related is that voltage modified modules tend to hide their failure symptoms.  In other words, there are plenty of cases where a module that's been modded appears to be outputting voltages in the proper ranges, but the signaling isn't right.  Given that the voltage output appears correct, you spend time chasing your tail by replacing parts that just don't need to be only to find out that it was the FICM all along.

Do yourself a favor and skip the voltage change. If you are having issues with injector stiction (the sticking of injectors when the engine is cold), consider migrating to a 10W30 or a 5W40 synthetic oil instead of changing the voltage on these units. The injectors are driven by oil in the 6.0 design. Keeping the lightest weight of oil possible along with keeping it regularly changed will go a long way towards engine longevity.

Using our Hot Shot Secret or Rev-X oil additive, which acts as a solvent to clean the varnish and goo that forms on the injector shuttle valves, is a good way to prolong injector life. More information on these products can be found on our Hot Shot Secret product page.  While you're there, you might want to check out the Hot Shot Secret sister product, FP Diesel Extreme, or just pick up the Duo.


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