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270 Amp XP Series Alternator for 6.0L


We stock alternators for Ford trucks, but have access to numerous other alternator options for the various makes and models out there.  If you have a specialty need, please Contact Us! 

The DC Power XP series high-output alternators are the ultimate upgrade when you need the absolute biggest and most sophisticated high output alternator on the planet. All of the XP series alternators are designed for one purpose, brute force idle output. The XP alternators the most extreme idle output with the most sophisticated integrated alternator-monitoring system to prevent thermal failures.

Every DC Power product they sell is held to the strictest quality standards in the industry. They use 100% brand new USA made components along with one of the most rigorous testing before each individual alternator leaves the shop. Each XP series alternator comes standard with their custom hard-anodized billet aluminum pulley and 2-year replacement warranty. If you're looking for a significant overall increase in top end and idle output, the XP series alternator is your solution.

NOTE:  In 6.0L and 7.3L engine applications, note that voltage regulation occurs internal to the alternator.  As such, if you are using or have a desire to in the future to use Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) style batteries, you will want to select the 14.2 volt regulated alternator option below to avoid over charging your batteries.  AGM manufacturers commonly specify a maximum allowable voltage regulation of 14.5V.  The standard voltage regulation with these alternators is 14.9V.


Hot idle output: 180 amps

Cold idle output: 200 amps (to better offset the 230 amp glow plug draw) Want more?

Max output: 270 amps

Hot max output: 250 amps

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