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Exchange Program


Don't have time to wait for a replacement?
No problem!  With our exchange program, we offer you the opportunity to have a replacement FICM shipped out before sending your old FICM to us. This carries a non-refundable $50 fee that we charge at the time of the order.

Start the exchange process by telling us the year of your truck below...

What service level should I pick?

What tune should I pick?

Can I just keep the same FICM software I have now?

What is core insurance?


As this is a Core Exchange, there is an expectation that your rebuildable core will be returned within 30 days. See the Core Return Fee Schedule for fees associated with no core return, or late returns.

Note: FICMs returned with broken connectors or that suffer from water damage, fire damage, or are burned, are not eligible for full core credit and may not be eligible for any core credit at all. If this is the case, while we'd set your core up with a board to replace the one that is damaged beyond repair or even just junk the entire module, in the one in several thousand case where both boards are beyond help, an additional charge of $100 to $350 will have to be assessed (depending on the damage) as the repair does not include the cost of replacement boards. It's a good idea to tape a scrap of corrugated cardboard over the connectors to protect them in shipping. Connector damage, for example, devalues a core by $100!

FICMs nearly never die.  They are nearly always killed.  Do yourself a favor and remove the batteries and have them bench load tested.  Batteries must pass a bench test above 700 CCA in the warmer southern climates and must pass a bench test above 800 CCA in the colder northern climates.  Battery bench testing must be done after batteries have been disconnected and sitting for 12 hours to allow their capacities to stabilize.  Also remove the alternator(s) and have it/them bench tested prior to installing your replacement module. 

Your alternator(s) must be fully functional and your batteries must measure more than 13.3 volts when the truck is at full operating temperature with all the accessories on (high beams, blower motor, radio, heated seats if you have them, etc) to retain your warranty.

Failure to bench test the batteries and alternator(s) will result in voiding the FICM warranty.  

Circuit high codes are nearly always indicative of a shot alternator or bad harness.  Circuit low codes are nearly always caused by weak/inadequate alternators and batteries.  The lowest end alternator we carry puts out at idle what the factory unit does at its peak!  Check out our alternators and order yours today!

It could also be a FICM relay issue - most report it as being stamped with the 'engineering' part number F80B-14B192-AA - next to this 10 amp fuse near the drivers side hood hinge.  Read more about the FICM Relay.

If you are working on the high pressure oil system as part of this exchange or in the future, remember to *always* use the remote start wire to engage the starter to purge the air out of the system instead of using the key to save your FICM from certain stress and possible death.


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