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Archoil AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex for All Fuels


Archoil AR6200 Fuel Modification Complex for All Fuels

Archoil’s AR6200 everyday fuel treatment contains a proven organometallic catalyst that reduces the temperature at which hydrocarbons start to burn. By lowering this threshold temperature the combustion process becomes more efficient and complete. Unburned carbon residue is reduced, indicating that more available BTU’s (power) are realized through the combustion process. This more complete and efficient fuel burn should result in a material improvement in fuel efficiency (mpg) and a substantial reduction in wasted energy in the form of harmful emissions including soot and smoke.

In addition to the combustion catalyst, AR6200 contains both a dispersant and stabilizer package to improve the overall quality of the fuel. It is well known within industry circles that fuel that has been processed through a catalytic cracker will begin to re-polymerize almost as soon as it has been refined, with particles starting to agglomerate and eventually form sludge that is difficult to burn and which may finally start to plug filters and injectors. The dispersant and stabilizer packages that are incorporated within the AR6200 formulation are designed to dissolve any such re-polymerized hydrocarbons and to prevent further re-polymerization from occurring. As a result, the condition of the fuel is stabilized and in some cases improved within the fuel system and waste hydrocarbons are further reduced. Finally, AR6200 contains a detergent package that continuously cleans all fuel wetted surfaces and a lubricant package that is designed to maintain and in some cases improve the performance of the fuel pump in particular.


*1oz - $8.95 (Treats 80! Gallons)

*4.2oz - $32.95 (Treats 340! Gallons)

*8oz -  $49.95 (Treats 640! Gallons)

*16oz - $89.95 (Treats 1,280! Gallons)

*32oz - $169.95 (Treats 2,650 Gallons!)

*128oz - $669.95 (Treats 10,000 Gallons!)


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