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IPR External Oil Cooler Cap Assembly V2 Ford 6.0


IPR External Oil Cooler Cap Assembly V2 Ford 6.0

The V2 Cap is an improved version of the original oil filter cap supplied with IPR's External Oil Cooler Kit prior to 4/15/14. The improved design eliminated several parts such as the lock ring and does not require a spanner wrench to tighten the cap onto the oil filter housing. The center bore has been increase to eliminate the top oil transfer tube oring from tearing during oil change intervals. The 2pcs design allows 360 degree of adjustment to position the fittings in any desired direction by loosening the 3 socket head bolts and clocking the cap. The oil filter shims have been eliminated and no shim setup is required. The oil transfer tube lower oring has been eliminated which does not require an oring to be serviced. All WIX oil filters do not require that the gasket to be removed prior to installation. By eliminating the lower oring, the oil filter is able to lift off the oil drain back valve to allow oil to drain from the oil filter housing to avoid spilling oil out of the oil filter housing during oil changes.

You have the option to add new fittings and a new oil filter at no extra charge for shipping.

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