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Injector Cup Nipple Socket


Injector Cup Nipple Socket

Need to replace the injector cup nipple orings?  Use this tool with your impact wrench and don't look back!

Note: An incredible side benefit of this tool is the perfect alignment of the injector nipples at a precise 90° to the oil rail.  This means that by using this tool, you are seriously limiting the likelihood of damaged injector oring top seals.  A win all around!

Installation tips: 

1.  When reinstalling the oil rail, avoid the urge to 'rock' the oil rail into position.  Rather, set the the oil rail squarely on the injectors and evenly push down on the oil rail until you feel a satisying clunk-type noise as each nipple cup seats itself within the injector oring.

2. Torque the oil rail down to spec first.  THEN install dummy plugs and standpipes and torque them.  Doing so will ensure proper seating of all orings and a leak-free installation!

3.  Soak replacement injector nipple orings in clean motor oil for at least 15 minutes before installation.

If you feel as if you will only use this tool once, return it to us within 14 days of receipt and pay a net rental fee of $25!

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