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Leece Neville 230 Amp Alternator ***BEST VALUE***


Leece Neville 230 Amp Alternator ***BEST VALUE***

Before we get started on how awesome this alternator is, let us start with a conversation about the Made in China wannabes that are out there.  If you are finding a supposed Leece Neville alternator for sub $300 on the web somewhere, we can nearly guarantee you that it is the Made in China version of this unit.  If you really want an inferior product, we too can sell you this Made in China product for that same sub $300 price point.  We don't know why anyone WOULD want that, but we thought we'd offer!

Have a question about whether the deal you THINK you found is Made in China?  We can sure look it up for you.  As arguably THE LARGEST re-seller of this particular in the NATION, we sure have our ways of seeing where people get what.

Think you have found this alternator elsewhere for less?  We can check and will price match any apples to apples product!

Okay, now onto the story!

This commercial grade alternator is a bolt-in replacement for the stock 110, 135, or 140 amp alternators that came with the PowerStroke 6.0. It is put together right here in the good ol' US of A. 

Boasting 170 amps at hot idle with the optional overdrive pulley without any significant change in size, this unit will put out enough current for demanding applications like cold weather use, sound system, light bar, and other similar duty applications. 

Use AGM type batteries or want to in the future?  This unit is pre-set at a 14.2 volt regulation to keep those options open!

Need more current?  Check out the DC Power XP Series units!

Note:  This unit not recommended for use in dual alternator applications as the voltage regulation will not match the lower 120 amp stock unit's 14.9 volt set point.  Of course, if you have grown tired of the dual alternator design and want to convert to a single alternator setup, check out the how-to here! Ford's Special Vehicle Engineering bulletin can be reviewed here

The alternator comes with a one-year warranty.  Augmenting the factory cabling to work with this alternator is required to avoid potentially catastrophic alternator or vehicle damage.  Check out our cable kit options!

A pulley will need to be installed to work with this unit.  You will either need to transfer the pulley off of your old unit, install the overdrive pulley we supply, or have us install the overdrive pulley for you.  The pulley nut MUST be torqued to 63 foot pounds in order to avoid shaft damage and the voiding of your warranty.  Note that the pulley nut is counter-sunk in the pulley itself.  Most use a pass through socket and an allen socket connected to a torque wrench in order to install this pulley.

Leece Neville with a Stock Pulley:

*Cold Idle 135Amps

*Fast Hot Idle 170Amps

Leece Neville with a Over Drive Pulley:

*Cold Idle 180Amps

*Fast Hot Idle 210Amps

Note:  Much conversation has amassed in recent times about what it is to be "Made in America".  This alternator, from our vantage, is very much like the DC Power lines of alternators in that it is the closest thing any of us are going to find to a truly 'Made in America' unit.  The label from the manufacturer reads that it is 'ASSEMBLED IN US OF US AND FOREIGN COMPONENTS'.  This is true.  There seemingly simply aren't US manufacturers available for all of the inner workings that make this alternator awesome.  But...until we can get our manufacturing jobs back in this country, this is the closest we are going to get. 

Whatever alternator you elect, though, please be sure that it is at least assembled in America.  The copy cats out there are quite good at making the exterior of the alternator the same as this version, but the internals on those other units are far from the same. 

If you are purchasing a Gatorback Belt for a 7.3L with this and are unsure which of the 3 options you need please provide your VIN.


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