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Ford F250/F350 Super Duty 4x4 Ball Joint kit

From XRF

Ford F250/F350 Super Duty 4x4 Ball Joint kit

XRF ball joints are built to perform under the most severe conditions like the oil patch and logging sites.

Tired of failed ball joints from those 'other' brands?  Upgrade to these babies and never have a ball joint issue again.  EVER. 

XRF Ball Joint Features:

  • Cold forged ball stud of SAE4140 steel
  • Stud heat treatment for omni-directional strength
  • Triple lip boot seal to keep grease in and dirt out
  • Forged housings of SAE1045 steel give XRF ball joints the extra strength to have almost double the stud pull-out strength of our competitors
  • XRF Zero-Lash ball joints have a ball stud that is fully encapsulated in a high strength acetel bearing offering superior load disbusement and longer life.

XRF was founded fourteen years ago on four main pillars:

  • To build the strongest, longest-lived parts in the industry
  • To engineer a part that is quick and easy to install correctly
  • To design a part that is very pleasing to the eye and instills customer confidence
  • To price these “New World Benchmark” parts so that everyone can afford quality and safety

Have a $5.00 family?  Then by ALL means, get $5.00 ball joints!

Note:  This kit includes four ball joints - two upper ball joints and two lowers.  We always recommend replacing ball joints in sets.


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