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Gryphon Loaner FICM Tuner


Gryphon Loaner FICM Tuner

Grab a FICM tuner on a loaner basis and be able to apply a PHP tune on your FICM while it remains installed in your truck with no downtime!

With this, you pay the full $400 price of the tuner (which includes the $150 price of the tune itself) at the time of your order.  When you return the tuner within 14 days, you get a $250 refund - essentially leaving you paying just $150 plus shipping for the ability to Love Your 6.0 Again (TM)!  laugh  

Note:  To avoid near certain failure of your #1 injector during the tuning process, please remember to follow the directions on the FICM tuner screen during the tuning.  This means taking the two minutes to remove the FICM relay from its under hood location in the fuse box on the driver's side fenderwell near the firewall.  You can confirm that you've removed the proper relay when you hear the eerie silence of no injector buzz key on engine off.

Tuners returned damaged may not be eligible for any refund amount.  Please pack the tuner carefully and consider insuring it when shipping both to and from your location.

The returned tuner refund schedule is as follows:

Time Period Loaner Tuner Returned Within Refund Amount
0 - 14 days $250
15 - 22 days $200
23 - 30 $100
30+  $50 Charge

Returns will not be accepted after 30 days. You will lose your deposit, and there will be a $50 administrative fee charged to you on the 31st day. 

Note: There may be a waiting list for our loaner tuner program! If you are in a hurry, please call us to find out the status of this list! 

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