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6.0L IPR Socket


6.0L IPR Socket

This tool is an absolute must-have for anyone who ever intends to work on a 6.0L Powerstroke. Without an IPR socket it is necessary to remove the turbocharger to change the IPR valve. Removing the turbocharger is a task to be avoided if at all possible! Even if you only have to do the job one time, it is well worth it to have the socket.

Using the IPR socket, you can access the IPR with a long extension by unbolting the coolant degas bottle and flipping it out of the way while leaving the hoses attached. Similarly the FICM is unbolted and flipped out of the way - again, the wires can be left attached. 

We would advise keeping the IPR socket in your glovebox. A jammed IPR is one of the most common reasons your 6.0L might leave you stranded. Equipped with the IPR socket you can correct the condition away from home if necessary and save a major expense.

Unlike some, this socket is designed so that the socket itself cannot make contact with the plastic IPR connector which could result in breakage of the connector during removal or installation. Please note that an IPR is shown in the picture to illustrate how the socket works. An IPR is NOT included in this listing. 

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