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Interconnect Wire Kit

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Interconnect Wire Kit

Already own the Basic Cable Kit?  This kit will upgrade your current Basic Cable Kit to our Complete Cable Kit.  The FORD factory only provided a 6 gauge wire to interconnect the driver and passenger side batteries.  Add this wire to your existing cabling to allow the driver side battery to take a more active role in helping the passenger side battery with engaging the starter and glow plugs.

Item includes:

  • a pre-terminated on both ends 4/0 wire from the passenger side (positive post) battery to the driver side (positive post) battery

  • replacement bolts, nuts, and washers to replace the one-use only factory bolts
    slide in place heat shrink tubing to further protect the 4/0 wire from the sharp edges of the radiator core supports (not pictured)

  • 1/0 grounding wire from negative on the driver side battery where it connects to the frame on the driver's side to the driver's front of the motor (not pictured)

  • Necessary hardware to connect this extra grounding wire to the existing drilled and tapped hole on the passenger front of the motor (not pictured)

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