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2. How does the Exchange Program work? What happens with my core?


If you can't afford to be down, we understand! For $50 more than you would have spent having us repair your module, we can ship you out a replacement - in most cases the same day you order it! This is not a loaner program - you trade your dead FICM in for a rebuilt and ready to go version. Essentially, for this non-refundable $50, you avoid the shipping times and associated delays of getting your presently dead or dying module to us.

Just tell us the service level you'd want performed (Basic, Premium, Ultra), tell us what software you want loaded on it (OEM Ford or the dramatically better aftermarket software from PHP), what shipping you'd like, and we're all set.

This is less than you'd be out with expediting the shipping of your dead module to us! Of course, under this program we also need to receive your rebuildable module back to our shop within 30 days.

While we don't charge a 'core charge' upfront, we have to charge $350 for any cases where we don't get your rebuildable module back to us within this timeframe. If you get us your rebuildable core back after 30 days but within 60, we'll still take it back, but will debit you $50. If more than 60 days have gone by, contact us and we'll work something out with you. Note that FICM's returned with broken connectors or that suffer from water damage, fire damage, are burnt up inside, etc are not eligible for full core credit and may not be eligible for any core credit at all. It's a good idea to tape a scrap of corrugated cardboard over the connectors to protect them in shipping. Connector damage, for example, devalues a core $100 - few want a module delivered to them with broken tabs, etc. Yikes!

To get started, call us at 515-897-4459!

Note: If you want your FICM or other ordered items shipped insured, please ask us to add it to your order. Insurance is available for $3 for every $100 requested. Even though we have yet to have even one parcel stay lost, and even though only one in a thousand even experience a delay, we cannot be responsible for later deliveries, lost shipments, or other eventualities. Insurance payments are paid out on the carrier's payout schedule. careful with your cores and get them sent back in for maximum credit!

If you are looking to have a tune-only service performed, this cannot be done on exchange as what we'd be sending you is a freshly rebuilt module and what you would be sending is, well, a not-new unit that we'd have to perform a rebuild on to make it a saleable product. Of course, if you wanted to have the benefit of having a freshly rebuilt module, give us a call and we can set you up!!

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