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My F250 is a beast and there are 3 things that have added years to my life: my wife, my IPhone and Ed's tuned FICM. What are you waiting for?

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We stock alternators for Ford trucks, but have access to numerous other alternator options for the various makes and models out there.  If you have a specialty need, please Contact Us

It is well documented that the factory-provided alternator options are undersized.  Upgrade to a unit from Leece Neville or DC Power and have the power you need!  

Most 6.0's came with a 110 amp alternator - the same part number from a Ford Fusion sedan.  The trouble is that this alternator only produces about 65 amps at hot idle when 100 amps at hot idle should be the norm at an absolute minimum,  Factory accessories like heated seats, blower motors, radios, and headlights all factor into the equation, but of course aftermarket accessories like audio amplifiers, winches, and inverters all have play too. 

We buy Leece Neville and DC Power alternators by the pallet to help ensure their continuous availability when you need them.  If you have a question as to whether one of the alternators listed below is in stock, drop us a line.

If you are interested in any of the other Leece Neville or DC Power products, please call us to discuss availability and pricing.

As most 6.0 owners see their alternators fail in the 120,000-160,000 range, you may also want to consider preemptively replacing your alternator to avoid the incredible likelihood of FICM failure that comes with a bad alternator.

As all Leece Neville and DC Power units come to you 100% brand-new, you keep your core.  If your factory alternator hasn’t yet died, some elect to simply swap back into the OEM unit and take the higher amperage DC Power unit for the next truck. 

DC Power Re-Casing Policy! If you elect a DC Power alternator, the next vehicle requires a different case design, just return the alternator to DC Power.  For between $125 and $150, DC Power will re-case your old unit to work on the next engine, upgrading the internals at your discretion just for the cost of the parts with no labor upcharge.  Note that Leece Neville alternators do not have this policy, even though they too are incredible units.

A DC Power alternator could very well be the last alternator you EVER buy!  Even after the two year limited warranty is over, if your DC Power alternator ever needs replacement parts, the manufacturer will install them for just the wholesale cost of the parts and return shipping! 

If you ever have an issue with a Leece Neville alternator after their one year warranty, contact us for service options as they, too, have a quite reasonable repair solution.

As with any high power alternator, some care is in order.  These higher power alternators will push themselves to their limits (even beyond their stated specifications in most cases!) to cover the amperage loads of all of your accessories.  Be sure to clean up all your ground connections and, for units 190 amps or more especially, install additional wiring atop what the factory provided (ground wires too!) to give all of the electrons a place to go.  Also be sure that your electrical needs are covered by the alternator you choose.  Running a winch, for example?  They commonly pull 400 amps and more!  Contact us if you need assistance choosing which unit is for you!

Review the installation guide!

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