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Sending Your Module In

Sending Your Unit In

Can't afford to be down? For $50 more, do an exchange.

To send in your FICM and save that $50, just print out and complete our intake form here.  Prices range from $299 to $649 depending on what you want done - check out the following links for more information:

What service level should I pick?

What tune should I pick?

Can I just keep the same FICM software I have now?

Mail the FICM, and the intake form to us at:
4337 N Callison Ave.
Cumming, IA 50061



  • Payment is most easily and cost effectively handled by just enclosing a check or money order in the box with your module made payable to Payment can also be made via credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express accepted) over the phone once your module has been evaluated. 


  • We repair modules the day that they are received, the next day at the very latest, and get them back out in the mail the very next day.  Note that shipments sent UPS are not typically received until after our techs are gone for the day.  These modules will receive priority the next business day, but are treated as if they came in the next business morning. Units spend 1-3 days in the shop plus shipping, you are generally looking at about a week to a week and a half of down time.


  • When you receive the module, you install it in your truck, turn the key, and are in business once again. None of our work impacts the programming on your FICM. Of course, if you elect to have a custom Power Hungry Performance tune installed, your module will be upgraded with that, but your ability to just install the module and turn the key remains! See our FAQ page for more information on the programming options that could net you up to THREE MILES TO THE GALLON better fuel economy!!

Shipment Notification.

  • There is no need to notify us that you are sending your FICM in for repair. Just drop it in a box with the intake form and payment, and we'll do the rest!

Previously worked on modules.

  • While we will repair previously worked on modules, we charge an additional $50 bench fee to assess and ultimately clean up the damage caused by other's soldering and component replacing attempts, taking extra time to ensure that neighboring components haven't been heat-damaged in the prior repair process. There are no exceptions to this policy given the time it takes for this additional testing.

Un-Repairable Modules

  • Albeit incredibly rare, note that in some limited cases, damage exceeds the component level and instead resides internal to one or even both of the boards contained within the module.  In these cases, extra charges will be assessed to cover these costs up to $350

Backlogs and Service Order.

  • We have nearly always met our service promise of working on modules the day that they are received and thus have been able to ship them back out the next business day. On those days that we cannot do this due to the volume received, modules asking for Express Mail return on our intake form will be worked on first, followed by modules asking for Priority Mail return. 

Storage Fees

  • Payment must be received within 30 days of module being received for repair.  If payment is not remitted within 30 days of the module being received for repair, a monthly storage fee of $50/month will be assessed per the below fee schedule.  If payment is not received within 90 days, the module will be considered abandoned and will become the property of in lieu of payment for the monthly storage fees.
    • 0 - 30 days - No Storage Fee
    • 31 - 60 days - $50 Storage Fee
    • 61 - 90 days - $100 Storage Fee
    • After 90 days - Abandoned Module

NOTE: If you have an earlier model truck (typically from a 2003 or early 2004) that has grommets in the mounting ears of the module, please remove them prior to sending us your unit as we cannot be responsible for them.

Please ensure that you complete a separate intake form for each module sent in to avoid repair delays.

It is critical that you place bubblewrap (much preferred) or some other cushioning material around the module, paying special attention to protecting the connectors. A piece of cardboard or extra layer of bubblewrap taped over the connectors is an excellent means of providing additional connector protection. You know you have enough packing in with the module when it can no longer move around inside the box.

USPS Priority Mail is available for $20. USPS Express mail shipment is available for $65 (note that while Express Mail is overnight to MOST zip codes, it is TWO DAY service to some. If you absolutely NEED overnight service, please consider our exchange program.  If you really want your module back, though, we understand.  Contact us so that we can look up your mailing address' expected delivery time frame via Express Mail service and make arrangements with you to ship via another carrier as necessary. UPS and FedEx overnight shipments typically run in the $80-$130 range and perhaps higher for shipments requiring Saturday delivery. Modules received via UPS may have an additional day delay due to inconsistent delivery times that often result in package receipt after our techs leave for the day.

Your alternator(s) must be fully functional and your batteries must measure more than 13.3 volts when the truck is at full operating temperature with all the accessories on (high beams, blower motor, radio, heated seats if you have them, etc) to retain your warranty.

Failure to bench test the batteries and alternator(s) will result in voiding the FICM warranty.  

Circuit high codes are nearly always indicative of a shot alternator or bad harness.  Circuit low codes are nearly always caused by weak/inadequate alternators and batteries.  The lowest end alternator we carry puts out at idle what the factory unit does at its peak!  Check out our alternators and order yours today!

If you are working on the high pressure oil system as part of this exchange or in the future, remember to *always* use the remote start wire to engage the starter to purge the air out of the system instead of using the key to save your FICM from certain stress and possible death.

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4337 N Callison Ave
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