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Thanks! I received it yesterday and the truck is running fine today!

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OEM Software

There are dozens of different software options from Ford for the various model years of our trucks.

Unless you opt for an aftermarket tune, our exchange units come with the latest version of software from Ford as we can't know what version of Ford's software you have now.  This is precisely the same software you would have received from Ford had you used them to get a replacement module.  Of course, if you are sending your module in for repair, we don't have to change the software at all.  If you have been battling with turbo lag and a feeling of being underpowered, maybe that aftermarket tune option is what you want to go with.

The latest software from Ford provides:

  • 50 fewer horsepower than what our trucks came with
  • More turbo lag
  • Less fuel economy
  • The feeling of an under-powered truck
  • Difficulty in getting your truck started in winter

.So, if you want to start lusting after the 6.7's, our recommendation is to pick the OEM tune.  laugh

If you love your 6.0 and want to maximize what it can do for you, go aftermarket.  devil

If you do go aftermarket, though, note that we cannot protect you from being reflashed.  Please instruct any shop you take your truck into for service to leave your software alone.

Had a shop re-tune you anyway?  We re-tune previously tuned modules for $100 plus the cost of return shipping.

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