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We work on both the logic and power sides of the FICM.

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Alternator wiring

Alternator wiring

Upgraded charge cables are a much-needed upgrade when purchasing a new high output alternator. The factory wiring harness was designed specifically for the stock alternator’s output. When a high output alternator is put into the equation, the stock wiring can't transfer the power that the new larger alternator creates.  

By adding upgraded wiring,  the vehicle’s charging system will keep the batteries, and of course the FICM and other various accessories running at their best without any difficulties of getting the power they need.

Ever notice that it’s always the passenger side battery that fails first, requiring you to shell out for two new batteries?  This is because both the starter and glow plugs are hard-wired to the passenger side battery.  Migrating to the complete wire kit adds in a 4/0 interconnect wire – we’re talking nearly an inch in diameter worth of copper here – to allow the driver battery to play an active role in helping the passenger side battery absorb these loads. 

Consider also swapping your batteries between their locations a couple times a year to even the playing field even more!

Complete and basic wire kits are to be used with factory wiring and NOT replace factory wiring.

*Photo shows Complete Wire Kit installed.

Installation instructions

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