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FICM Repair Services

FICM Services

We have two options to help you with your FICM issue.

Sending Your Module In

To send in your FICM and save $50, just print out and complete our intake form here.  Prices range from $299 to $649 depending on what you want done - check out the following links for more information:

What service level should I pick?

What tune should I pick?

Can I just keep the same FICM software I have now?



Exchange Program

With our exchange program, we offer you the opportunity to have a replacement FICM shipped out before returning your old FICM to us. This carries a non-refundable $50 fee that we charge at the time of the order.

As this is a Core Exchange, there is an expectation that your rebuildable core will be returned within 30 days.  If your core is not returned or it is found not to be rebuildable (albeit rare), there will be a core charge of up to $350.00. If you get us your rebuildable core back after 30 days but within 60, we'll still take it back, but will debit you $50. If more than 60 days have gone by, contact us and we'll work something out with you.

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