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Core Return Fee Schedule does NOT charge a core charge upfront for cases where we do an exchange with our customers (the $50 fee charged at time of order is a convenience fee for doing an exchange and NOT refundable). 

Fees are only assessed if you neglect to get us your rebuildable core back to us within 30 days (though an extra 15 days is allowed for customers outside of the United States). 

If your returned core is found not to be rebuildable, there will be a core charge of up to $350.00.

If you fail to return your core within 30 days, the credit card used to make the original transaction will be charged the full $350 core charge.

The returned core fee schedule is as follows:

Time Period Core Returned Within Fee
0-30 days $0
31-60 days $50
61-90 days $100
91-120 days $150
121-150 days $200
Over 150 Days $250

Note that any core received may still be assessed a fee if found to be partially or completely non-rebuildable.  Should any customer -regardless of whether they are an end user or a dealer- have outstanding payables with us, no warranty claims will be honored.

Get us your rebuildable core back promptly, avoid these extra fees altogether, and maintain your warranty! laugh

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